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Crystal Healer


Crystal Healer


Become a Certified Crystal Healer so you can:

• Heal yourself and others
• Make money doing what you love
• Fulfill your inner purpose on this planet
• Take classes with like-minded people who care
• Become part of the leading edge of transformation
• Share your gifts and witness how you better the lives of others

We Also Offer In Person Training in Los Angeles!

Are you looking for a new way to share your Gift?

Do you feel the call to Help People?

Do you thirst for a Community that makes a difference in the world?

Are you looking for a new way to share your Gift?

Do you feel the call to Help People?

Do you thirst for a Community that makes a difference in the world?


Then You Are Ready to Become a Certified Crystal Healer!


Train with Master Healer Victoria Vives Khuong
Over 19 years of knowledge in the Healing Arts will be shared with you
to create a successful Crystal Healing practice!


This program includes:


  •  8 modules and over 30 easy-to-complete lessons.
  •  2+ hours of instructional high definition video.
  •  Member only forum access.
  •  Downloadable charts, diagrams and audio.
  •  Crystal Healer Certificate upon successful completion.

A New World of Healing…

Crystals are powerful guides, teachers, and healers ready to help.  Imagine having your own personal team of mentors and helpers as you navigate the world of energy healing.  In our Crystal Healer course, you will learn the language of healing crystals and how to tap into unlimited potential.

Professionalism and Credibility

Join the family and become a genuine Certified Crystal Healer as part of a world renouned lineage of respected practitioners.  This is the same time-tested course that hundreds of Healers have received in person in Reiki Wellbeing, now available to you online.  Learn to perform healing sessions with professionalism and build an ethical, thriving practice!

Learn Anytime and Anywhere

The Online Crystal Healing Certification course may be taken at anytime and at your own pace and convenience.  Students have a full year of access to course content to complete complete the curriculum and pass the certification exam.  Enroll anytime!

Closed Accordion CSS
  • Lesson 1 ~ The Healer’s Intuition

  • Lesson 2 ~ GUIDED MEDITATION: Connecting with Your Crystals

  • Lesson 3 ~ Gathering Information

  • Lesson 4 ~ Healing Crystals and Devas

  • WEEK 1 COMPLETION ~ Case Study and Quiz

  • Lesson 5 ~ The Science of How Crystal Healing Works

  • Lesson 6 ~ Preparing Your Healing Crystals

  • Lesson 7 ~ Exploring and Programming Your Crystals!

  • Lesson 8 ~ Preparing to Give a Crystal Healing Session

  • Lesson 9 ~ SESSION: Basic Layout

  • MODULE 2 COMPLETION ~ Case Study & Quiz

  • Lesson 10 ~ The Power of the Four Elements

  • Lesson 11 ~ Navigating the Human Energetic System CHAKRAS

  • Lesson 12 ~ Integrating Chromotherapy

  • Lesson 13 ~ Properties of Crystals by Color

  • Lesson 14 ~ SESSION: Blocks of Colors

  • Module 3 Completion ~ Case Study and Quiz

  • Lesson 15 ~ Crystal Origins and Rock Types

  • Lesson 16 ~ The Power of Pendulums

  • Lesson 17 ~ Integrating Aromatherapy

  • Lesson 18 ~ Integrating Sound Healing

  • Lesson 19 ~ Mastering Vibrational Chakra Balancing

  • Module 4 Completion ~ Case Study and Quiz

  • Lesson 20 ~ The Power of Geometric Forms

  • Lesson 21 ~ Understanding Crystal Shapes

  • Lesson 22 ~ The Artistry of Crystal Grids

  • Lesson 23 ~ SESSION: Shield of Protection

  • Module 5 Completion ~ Case Study and Quiz

  • Lesson 24 ~ Understanding the Mohs Scale of Hardness

  • Lesson 25 ~ Crystal Types and Their Healing Uses

  • Lesson 26 ~ SESSION: Relaxation and Legs

  • Module 6 Completion ~ Case Study and Quiz

  • Lesson 27 ~ Understanding How the AURA Works

  • Lesson 28 ~ SESSION: Aura Brightening

  • Lesson 29 ~ Using Client Intake Forms

  • Module 7 Completion ~ Assignment and Quiz

  • Lesson 30 ~ Crystal Healer Certification Test

  • Course Completion


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